Good Ladybug Bad Ladybug

These little guys are so clever but so naughty! They are the bad ladybugs that are destroying the tomato, eggplant, zucchini and cucumber plants. If you touch the leaf near them they fall off and pretend to be dead! Then I guess they just climb straight back up again. Very naughty! There was a good ladybug not far away, (it had disappeared by the time I got the camera, so no comparison photo), and it had fewer spots, bigger spots, didn't play dead, and its head was different. Fascinating!

Here's what they've done to our eggplants... they very thoughtfully left some for us though, so they're maybe not totally evil?

PS. I just found out the Japanese name is tentomushi damashi, their scientific name is epilachna vigintioctopunctata, and the English name is the 28 Spotted Potato Ladybird. This link has more information, they're apparently everywhere, Brisbane, the UK, all over the place, no escape! Their larvae are kind of cool looking though, there are some pictures if you follow the aforementioned link. I remember seeing them a few weeks ago, but had no idea they were connected in any way.

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