Welcome to Me! And a baby animal.

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while...so this is it! I've done it! Not really sure what I'm going to write about, but figured looking and cooking, though not necessarily in that order, should cover it for now. If my current cooking obsession doesn't last then I'll just have to think up something a little more cryptic for the cooking part.

This morning our neighbour came to our house with lots of veggies. Hooray! Wonderful guy. And told us that he'd just caught a badger, so if we want to see it we could go to his house. When we got there, we saw this little guy, very cute and very scared hanging out in this cage. From what I can gather Japanese badgers are a bit different from European ones. Anyway, they apparently wander down from the mountains at night time in family groups to raid the veggie gardens. The traps aren't big enough to get adults, so they usually only catch the babies. It was so cute, I really wanted to keep it! But our neighbour said the only thing that can be done is to kill it. I haven't been living here long enough to have much of an idea of the issues involved in all this. However I definitely do feel like it's a pity that my first encounter with one of the cute furry things living in the mountains that I stare at through the kitchen window while I'm washing the dishes everyday had to end like this. Here's to a better ongoing relationship with the mountain dwellers!

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